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Anker’s new MagGo wireless chargers

Anker’s latest power bank accessories include new Qi2-equipped MagGo magnetic chargers, charging stations and power banks, as well as a new Nano USB-C charger for future iPhone 15 owners who may be able to give up their old Lightning-equipped devices. Their new phones and AirPods. Rumors have it that the launch of the iPhone 15 series will support Qi2 and enable 15W fast charging, possibly without Apple MagSafe certification.

However, Apple has yet to confirm its plans, and we’ll soon find out if other manufacturers will update their devices to support Qi2 or support new phones like the Pixel 8 series later in the year. this specification.

Supporting the continuation of the Qi wireless charging standard means installing a circular magnet, according to Apple’s strategy that matches the MagSafe design. Anker’s MagGo was previously only “MagSafe compatible”; this was generally cheaper, but limited iPhones to 7.5 watts of charge compared to the 15-watt charge of MagSafe-branded devices.

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